Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Special Moments

Me: Would you like regular or decaf?
Customer: Yes.

Does your bottled water come in a bottle?
Me: Yes..wait..what?

Me: Hi folks, how are you doing today?
Customer: Gimmie a Pepsi.

I'll have two eggs..any style with toast.
Me: How would you like your eggs styled?

Me: What kind of toast would you like?
Customer: Ughh normal?

Customer: I'll have a bacon cheeseburger with fries, extra mayo..cheese on my fries too..a side of cole slaw...oh..and a diet whatever to drink

Me: Hi there..can I get you anything to drink?
Customer: I'll have the soup

Me: Would you like tarter or cocktail sauce?
Customer: Which is the white?

Me: What can I get you today?
Customer: Food
Me: Yup..funny..never heard that one before

Me: What can I get you to drink?
Customer: Whiskey
Me: Yup..funny...never heard that one before...and sir..it's 7am

Can I get my eggs scrambles? You can do that right?
Me: Yup..I think we can handle it. We even do over easy...but only on holidays...

Customer: What's the difference between the turkey sandwich and the turkey dinner?
Me: One's a sandwich and one's a dinner

Are your mashed potatoes real?
Me: Nope..they're imaginary.

Customer: Can I get the vegetable omelet with onions, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes.
Me: Sure..but sir..you don't need to read me the description..I work here..I know what's in it..that's solely for your benefit.

Is your fried chicken fried?
Me: errrrr...seriously?

Can I get fries with that?
Me: It comes with fries..it says so..right there on the menu

Customer: Um..excuse me...I ordered my burger rare..this is still bloody.
Me: Do you actually know what rare means?

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  1. Are you allowed to use this stuff for play or movie scripts.........