Thursday, August 27, 2009

Special Moment of the Day

An elderly woman asks for an iced coffee. Normally we do not serve iced coffee at my work so my coworker..let's call her Dana...brings her a glass with coffee and ice, a glass of extra ice, and a dish of creamers so she can assemble as desired.

Woman looks perplexed. "Well how does this work?" she asks. *picks up glass of coffee (already containing ice)..squints into it..."Is there ice in here?"

Coworker Dana patiently explains, "Yes there's ice in there...and there's extra ice if you need it."

20 minutes later:

Dana returns to check on the table....Coffee remains untouched.

Woman sighs exasperated. "Well, how am I supposed to put this together???" Even husband is embarrassed now.

Dana...not really knowing how to respond...replies, "Well, Ma' OPEN a CREAMER"..*mimes opening a creamer*.."and POUR it into the coffee"..*mimes daintily pouring a tiny creamer into the coffee*.."if you want add sugar..if you want more add more ice.."

Woman looks perplexed while pondering complicated assembly instructions. Stares at coffee for a moment...

"Can i just get an iced tea??"